Why Do Some Bedbug Treatments Fail?

BCBug is the number one choice for commercial bedbug removal services in the Vancouver Metro area. Unlike most bedbug companies that are limited to pesticides, we have nearly every type of treatment available – from sprays to K9 control to heat treatments – as well as the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure that the treatments succeed.

But bedbugs are notoriously difficult to treat. While the percentage of bedbug control services that fail is low, it is possible that bedbugs will come back even after what should have been an effective treatment.

Reasons that Bedbugs May Be Back

There are actually many reasons that a bedbug service may have been unsuccessful. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Excellent Hiders – it’s important to keep in mind how small bedbugs really are, and how amazing they are at hiding. Bedbugs are only a few millimeters long when full size. They are also flat, which means they can squeeze into the smallest of spaces. Their eggs are even smaller, and their eggs are sticky. If your Vancouver bedbug service doesn’t address every millimeter of space on the property there is a risk that some bedbugs survived or keep breeding.
  • Resistant to Pesticides – One of the main reasons that bedbugs have become so problematic of late is that they are capable of becoming resistant to pesticides. Other treatments, like the heat treatments we use at BCBug, are becoming more and more important to address bedbug related issues.
  • Source Not Treated – Even if you have bedbugs all over your property, it’s not always clear that your property is the source. For example, if you live in an apartment, and the apartment next door has a severe infestation, your bedbugs may have migrated over to your home. They can also come to your office on someone’s clothes, or travel between floors. Those areas must be treated as well.

These are some of the ways that bedbugs can survive even the best of treatments, and they are why we believe it is so important to offer the best quality bedbug service to our customers with a commitment to making sure they are permanently gone.

If your building has bedbugs, please contact BC Bug today for a rapid and effective treatment.

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