Why Do Hotels Love Bedbug Heat Treatments?

We often talk about bedbugs as a residential problem. Bedbugs are more commonly caught while traveling, and many homeowners and families unintentionally bring back bedbugs from wherever they were staying, causing them to start an infestation on their property.

But the implication there is that there are hotels across the nation that are struggling with bedbugs, and indeed we know that to be true, especially in areas with more frequent visitors like Vancouver, CA, Whistler, and others in BC. Bedbugs are on the rise, and so too are the number of short term stay properties that are finding them in their rooms.

The Urgency of Treating for Bedbugs

Bed bugs in a hotel are an urgent, emergency problem. Not only does it affect guest satisfaction – which in the age of online reviews can be brutal for one’s business – bedbugs can also spread to other rooms quickly, worsening the problem in very little time.

Hotel rooms are an ideal environment for bedbugs since a high number of people pass through them and because the beds and walls of hotels and inns allow for ample hiding spaces.

There are also a lot of places in a hotel room that bedbugs can hide besides the bed itself, such as:

  • Headboards
  • Baseboards
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Chairs and Couches

Furniture and other items near the bed, like bedside tables, can also be ideal bedbug hiding places. It’s why throwing out a mattress you’ve seen bed bugs on won’t stop an infestation because they’re very small and excellent at hiding.

Benefits of Bedbug Heat Treatment For Hotels

Heat treatments work because bedbugs can’t survive temperature over about 120 degrees Fahrenheit for very long. This is true for both adult bedbugs and their eggs. But for hotels, especially, heat treatments are highly effective and a preferable choice compared to alternatives, like pesticides. Advantages to hotels include:

  • Complete – Every inch of the room is treated, not just where the bedbugs can be easily seen. Heat treatments are able to penetrate through walls and small spaces, so bedbugs hiding in barely visible cracks will still be killed.
  • Thorough – Bedbugs are also instinctive pests that know to run away when they sense danger. But heat is known to slow down bedbug movements, thus reducing the risk that they scurry away. The bedbugs can’t avoid the heat like they could with sprayed chemicals alone, and since bedbugs cannot be immune to heat like they can to chemicals, there is a greater guarantee of success.
  • No Chemicals – The lack of traditional pesticide chemicals is beneficial for those who are sensitive to them. This is important for hotels, because they don’t usually know if guests have sensitivities.
  • Speed – It only takes a few hours to complete a heat treatment, and no waiting is necessary to go back onto the property. Most hotel rooms can be rented that same day.

Heat treatments are one of the most effective and efficient bedbug treatments that we offer, especially when paired with other preventive treatments like exterior insecticide application.

Choose BC Bug Pest Control To Treat Hotel Bedbugs

We have extensive experience in treating some of the most notorious pests in Canada, including bedbugs. We’re professional, effective, and confidential when providing bedbug removal services for commercial properties. We believe your business shouldn’t be negatively affected by your decision to address a common hotel issue and improve your guests’ experience there.

If you’ve seen or suspect bedbugs at your property, please contact us today. Bedbugs can only be successfully removed by pest control professionals, and we’re the best in the Greater Vancouver area.

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