What Does A Bedbug Infestation Look Like?

Insects can sometimes be more difficult to locate and identify because of their smaller size. In addition, signs of an insect infestation can be similar between species.

Bedbugs are one of the best examples of this. These pests are fantastic at hiding, so you may never see a bedbug even when it’s on your property. Yet the costs to you and your property can be substantial, and identifying bedbugs becomes critical for their long term control.

This is especially important for commercial properties like hotels, since bedbugs can cause you to lose substantial business and develop a negative reputation. All commercial properties need to make sure they control for bedbugs to better serve their residents, customers, and employees.

Signs Of A Bedbug Problem

Bedbugs are flat and only about the size of an apple seed. This enables them to hide very well in small spaces like under loose wallpaper, in baseboards, in furniture seams, and more. It is possible to come across a bedbug if you’re looking for them, but finding one can be difficult.

If you can’t find the bedbugs themselves, there are other signs of an infestation including:

  • Types of Bites – Bedbug bites are red and itchy, very similar to mosquito bites. Unlike mosquito bites, which are usually arranged at random on the body, bedbug bites tend to be in a line along skin in contact with infested furniture.  The description of the bites is one of the earliest methods for identifying bedbugs.
  • Furniture Stain – Bedbugs leave behind dark red or black spots after feeding on people’s blood. Those spots may look like maroon dirt, but the location and frequency is the giveaway.
  • Smell – Bedbugs have an unpleasant, musty odor that is noticeable especially in smaller spaces when the infestation grows larger.
  • Eggs and Shed Skins – The small white eggs of bedbugs can be hard to see, but their larger, darker skins that they leave behind as they grow are usually more visible.

It’s easy to attribute signs of bedbugs to other causes, like mosquitos or allergic reactions. This is why it’s so important to preventively check your property for pests like bedbugs thoroughly and regularly.

How BC Bug Removes Bedbugs

Our technicians are trained to remove bedbugs from your property quickly, thoroughly, and discretely. These removal methods include:

  • Heat Treatments – This chemical-free treatment doesn’t require that you dispose of any furniture and only takes one day to complete.
  • Traditional Methods – All furniture and other items in the room are treated over the course of two visits using effective chemicals that are safe and quick.
  • K9 Detection – Our specially trained canines use their powerful sense of smell to detect exactly where bedbugs are so that treatment can be administered most effectively.

Scheduled preventive treatments are also available to help you avoid lengthier responsive treatments. If you want to schedule a preventive bedbug treatment for your Vancouver or Victoria area, or you believe you already have a bedbug problem, contact BC Bug today.

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