Bed Bug Treatment in Long-Term Care Facilities

Long term care facilities, like nursing homes and senior living centers, are often faced with pest challenges. This is especially true of bedbugs.

Bedbugs thrive in places that are densely populated with beds and people, as it gives them a chance to hide in areas close to their food sources. They also spread via foot traffic, and since long term care facilities often have a steady flow of visitors, including those from out of town, the risks of a bedbug infestation rise.

It’s important for all nursing homes and similar senior living facilities to address bedbug problems quickly, before they breed and become even more problematic. If you are looking for skilled experts to help eradicate your bed bug infestation in Canada, call Canada Bed Bug for a free quote today.

Problems Associated with Nursing Home Bedbugs

Bed bugs are small, biting, parasitic pests that feed on human blood. They are thin, flat, and skilled at hiding. They also feed only at night and can sense when someone is asleep. They bite in multiples and breed quickly, so a few bedbugs can lead to a large infestation and hundreds of bites.

Bedbugs also explore their surroundings to find more people to feed upon. Nursing homes represent an ideal spot, because they do not need to travel far to find a potential host. Depending on the health of the seniors, the residents may not know they’re being bitten or be able to speak out about their bites. The bites can also be confused with rashes and other similar issues, allowing bedbugs to breed and spread.

This is why it is extremely important to work with your local bed bug control company to target and tackle bedbug issues quickly. Canada Bed Bug can also provide free inspections to help make sure that your property is well protected.

How We Treat Bed Bugs in Canada

Here at Canadian Bed Bug, we offer the latest in technologically advanced bedbug treatments. These include:

  • Heat Treatments – Ideal for long term care facilities, bedbug heat treatments are preferred as they require no chemicals and can completely eliminate bedbug populations and their eggs.
  • Pesticides – When necessary, we can also provide bedbug pesticide treatments. We make sure these chemicals get in every crack to completely eliminate all of the bedbug population.
  • K9 Inspections – We’re also able to offer K9 bedbug inspections when needed, which allows us to find all the areas of a property that have bedbugs and target treatment rather than require treatment for the entire property.

In the case of assisted living facilities, it may be preferable to use heat treatment to avoid your residents from being exposed to pesticides in a closed space as they may be a more sensitive or immuno-compromised group. Heat treatment requires raising the temperature of the room to 120 degrees, which is hot enough to kill bedbugs and their eggs. No chemicals are used.

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Canada Bed Bug is the leading choice for assisted living bedbug treatments in Canada. In order to address your infestation concerns, please call us today to work with our friendly experts and address your bedbug infestation quickly and easily.

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