How Do Bed Bugs Get In Your House?

Bed bugs are some of the worst pests that a homeowner can find in their home. They are tiny bugs that love to dwell in mattresses, box springs, and bedding. Bed bugs are most active at night and need a host to get nourishment. What this means for when you sleep in a bed infested with bed bugs is they will bite you. There are some signs of letting you know if bed bugs are present. Often, brownish red markings will appear on bedding and the mattress. These trademarks are from bed bugs being crushed while a person sleeps. Another tell-tale sign is there will be eggs or eggshells present on the bed or even near a headboard. Now that you have some background on bed bugs, then comes the million dollar question. How exactly does a home get infested with bed bugs?

How Bed Bugs Will Enter a Home

Beds bugs are notorious for being little hitchhikers. They will grab on to clothing, bedding, or hide within a mattress. An unsuspecting person wouldn’t even think to look for them. The reality is most people get bed bugs from just bringing in infested items. Infected items usually come from second-hand stores. A person will purchase used clothing or bedding, will not think anything of it. But the second a person gets home they will either throw it in a laundry basket to get washed or put the items away. Another way you might get bed bugs is when you go out traveling and stay in hotels. It is a prime candidate for possible bed bugs. If a person who has bed bugs in their homestays in the hotel, they will likely transport them along with their luggage or even on their person. Once a person nestles into the hotel room, the bed bugs will get to work making a home. Since there is usually a steady stream of people staying in hotel rooms the bed bugs will have a regular meal. It is a good idea to check the mattress in your hotel room for any of the signs of bed bug infestation, so you don’t accidentally bring them home.

How to Rid Your Home of Bed Bugs

There are a few techniques to rid your home of bed bugs once there is an infestation. Calling Chico pest control is the best way to handle the situation. Gecko Pest Control will use a method of heat to kill off any bed bugs and their eggs. A professional is exceptionally qualified to stop bed bugs in their tracks. It may be tempting to try some of the do it yourself tips on the internet, but if you miss a couple, they will be back in full force within a few weeks. Gecko Pest Control has two different methods for getting rid of bed bugs. They include liquid residual treatment and whole house fumigation with Vikane gas. No matter which option a homeowner selects it will require a follow-up service to be sure all the bed bugs have been eliminated.

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