How a Bed Bug Dog Can Help Catch Pests in Your Hotel

BC Bugs is the leader in commercial bedbug control. Our team handles many of the hotel bedbug cases across Vancouver and the surrounding cities, partnering with short-term rentals of all sizes (hotels, motels, inns, and more) and ensuring that all bedbugs are completely eliminated.

Hotels are an especially challenging location for bedbugs – and also the most common, since they see so many travelers. The presence of bedbugs is already a problem, and if they are seen by guests it can hurt your reputation and also lead to negative reviews that could hurt your ability to attract future visitors.

But beyond simply the presence of bedbugs, another challenge with hotels is that guests still need a place to stay. While a homeowner can simply leave their dwelling for an extended period of time and come back when the treatment is over, hotels generally cannot afford to send guests away or leave all of their rooms vacant while the problem is being addressed.

Find and Eliminate All Bedbugs

Bedbugs do tend to travel. That is why it is risky to treat only the origin room. You may know where the bedbug problem is, but you may not know if bedbugs have traveled to nearby rooms and may be hiding and breeding in other areas of the property. You also cannot afford to risk a treatment that doesn’t work.

This is why hotels and other short term lodging may want to consider K9 bedbug treatments. K9 bedbug treatments involve a trained and experienced bedbug sniffing dog, capable of seeking out additional bedbugs by their scent and ensuring that they are located.

Bedbugs emit a rather recognizable scent. This odor is noticeable by humans when the bedbug infestation grows too much, and is especially noticeable by dogs and their biologically advanced noses. Rather than treat the room alone, a bedbug dog offers its own form of bedbug “inspection,” and will sniff in nearby areas to see if they are able to pick out any additional pests.

Hotel Bedbug Dogs in Vancouver, CA

K9 bedbug control is one of many services we provide for hotels, motels, inns, and all other commercial properties. When combined with other effective treatments, such as bed bug heat treatments, you can quickly eliminate bedbugs and make sure that each and every one is completely eradicated.

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