Bed Bug Control and Treatment for Hospitals in Canada

It is critical for hospitals to be pest free. Pests of all kinds carry risks that include disease, stings, allergic reactions, and more. But bedbugs, especially, can be a serious problem for hospitals. With numerous beds, immobile patients, and heavy foot traffic, hospitals that get only a few bedbugs can quickly see a substantial infestation in minimal time.

Hospitals have many amenities that are prone to bedbugs, such as their numerous patient rooms, kitchen services, and other storage spaces – all of which are susceptible to infestation. Bed bugs are tiny creatures that hide in the folds of bedsheets, in cracks within the drywall, and in other areas of a property and feed off patient’s blood causing itchy red bumps.

Many healthcare facilities in Canada face bed bug infestations as almost 1 in 3 hospitals have reported bedbug sightings. In addition, most hospitals have immuno-compromised patients, which means that it is important to utilize bedbug control technology that is safe for these populations.

If you are in need of bed bug control and would like to keep your hospital as safe for patients as possible, contact your experts at Canadian Bed Bug today.

Treatment for Bed Bugs in Hospitals in Canada

Bedbugs breed quickly, can hide in almost imperceptible spaces, and can wait for almost a year without feeding. They are also well adapted to certain types of treatments, and know how to run away to other areas of the property if they feel threatened.

All of these issues are the reason that it is not possible to eliminate bedbugs with any over the counter or DIY products. Bedbugs need to be treated by trained professionals able to identify every area bedbugs can be hiding and comprehensively eliminate these biting pests. At Canada Bed Bug, our commercial bedbug control experts offer:

  • Inspections
  • Elimination
  • Follow Up Guarantees

We will make sure that your hospital bedbug problem is thoroughly addressed and that your entire property is free of bedbugs, and if you find any we missed we’ll come back and finish the job.

What We Do

Canadian Bed Bug provides trained experts with special tools to help treat your bed bug infestation. As a commercial bedbug company in Canada, we have several bedbug treatment options. For hospitals, faced with many sensitive and immuno-compromised patients, we strongly recommend heat treatment for bedbugs, as it uses no pesticides and has no residue.

Heat treatments are capable of raising temperatures in the room to over 120 degrees, which is known to eliminate both bedbugs and their eggs. We also have pesticide treatment if necessary, as well as K9 bedbug detection if there is reason to believe that more remain.

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For any hospital or healthcare facility in Canada, Canadian Bed Bug is the top choice for safe and effective bedbug control and elimination. Contact us today to get started.

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