Heat Treatment vs. Cold Treatment for Bedbugs in Vancouver, CA

BC Bug is the leading choice in bedbug services in Vancouver and most of BC. With a commitment to combining the best prices with the most thorough services, we’re the bed bug treatment company of choice for hotels, hospitals, apartment complexes, movie theatres, and more – anyone that is struggling with bedbugs or requires ongoing bed bug control.

Part of what makes us the leader in this area is that we offer the most technologically advanced treatments – not just pesticides, which we do offer, but also heat treatments and K9 inspections – so that we can completely eradicate bedbugs thoroughly while protecting your items and your property.

The Newest Tech for Bedbugs: Cold

There’s a new methodology for combatting bedbugs that we’ve been closely reviewing. It uses cold, rather than heat, to freeze bedbugs to death without harming any other items on a property. We believe in evaluating and monitoring new bedbug technologies – especially those that do not use pesticides – to see if they can be useful in combatting the growth in bedbug populations.

It doesn’t feel like freezing bedbugs is there yet.

To be clear, it is possible that this technology will be useful. But at the moment it seems as though freezing bedbugs – sometimes referred to as cryonite – is simply not as likely to be as effective, or as useful as an alternative as a heat treatment:

  • It can be difficult to get cold into hard to reach places safely, like walls.
  • We know bedbugs die at extended periods of high heat.
  • We know that bedbugs do not necessarily die in the cold.

Indeed, it is estimated that bedbugs would take 4 days to freeze inside of a freezer, and while the cold bedbug treatments cool to a very icy temperature, they may not be able to reach that temperature throughout an entire home. They’d be limited in its reach.

We strongly encourage companies to consider heat treatments instead, as these are proven effective and are easier to maintain, as it only takes 30 minutes of a high heat to kill a bedbug and it is easier to heat inside walls and hard to reach places.

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