How to Check for Bed Bugs

Worried you have bed bugs? Here are three signs that you may have a problem


Bed bugs like hiding in the cracks and creases of items within 15 feet of where you sleep. The most comfortable place to check for bed bugs in your mattress. Inspect the edges, looking for any live bugs (think the size of an apple seed) or fecal stains (think of a dot from a pen).


When bed bug eggs hatch, they shed the egg and turn into nymphs. As the nymphs mature, they require blood to moult and mature. With each moult, they cast off their exoskeletons to grow. Check for these in the dark crevices around your bed, such as the cracks of your mattress, box spring, bed frame or joints of furniture.


Remember that not all bites are bed bug bites! Mosquitoes, carpet beetles, allergic reactions are all possible. Three bites in a line don’t mean you have bed bugs so ignore the old bed bug adage of ‘breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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