Bedbugs are Survivors – And Always Have Been

Bedbugs were almost entirely eliminated in Canada only a few decades ago. Specific pesticides were highly effective at killing bedbugs, capable of getting into the smallest of cracks and killing not only the bugs, but also their eggs.

But bedbugs are back, and they have come back with a vengeance. They are now extremely common throughout Vancouver, and some of them are immune to various types of chemical treatments.

Bedbugs Survived the Dinosaur Extinction

For those that lived through the first wave of bedbugs, seeing them back can be a bit of a surprise.

But perhaps it shouldn’t be.

Research now confirms that bedbugs have always been survivors. In fact, researches found that bedbugs managed to survive the dinosaur extinction.

DNA samples, as discussed on the BBC, indicate that bedbugs in some form have been around for more than 115 million years.

There is a reason that it is so difficult to eliminate bedbugs. They have evolved in ways that few other species have been able to, capable of adapting to essentially any setting to ensure their survival.

Still, at the moment, both heat treatments and chemical treatments continue to be effective at eliminating bedbugs. If you need bedbug control in Vancouver, CA, call BC Bug today.

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