How to beat the Bed Bugs before they beat you.

An unfortunate consequence of the bed bug epidemic is it has made secondhand furniture “shopping” unwise.

Learn how to identify, treat and prevent bed bugs before you go insane

Bed bugs are an increasing reality for many Vancouverites, no matter what part of town you call home. And there’s little sign of the problem abating anytime soon.

If you’re concerned about your building or neighborhood, check it out on the Bed Bug Registry, a heat map of citizen-reported bed bug cases. The registry covers more than just Vancouver and is particularly useful for travelers seeking bug-free quarters for their visit.

Read the whole article in the BC Living article originally posted on 3/29/2011 the writer discusses the best ways to protect yourself and your property from Bed Bugs. With the epidemic only intensifying since then, it is still relevant now more than ever.  See an article here.

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