Bed Bug Treatment in Apartments

Apartment living is on the rise as the cost of housing has skyrocketed in major cities across Canada. Apartment owners and managers are often finding that they are able to raise rents and profit like never before.

But housing tenants is also competitive. If you want to continue to profit, you have to keep tenants happy, and if you want to keep tenant happy, it is critical that you have a solution at the ready in the event of challenges. One such challenge is bedbugs. 

If your apartment has bedbugs, call Canadian Bed Bug.

Bedbugs and Apartments in Canada

Bed bugs are small, biting pests that find their way into living spaces by hitching rides on people as they travel. They breed quickly, are amazing at hiding, and are willing to spread to other houses when they’ve outgrown the one they live. Without a plan, bedbugs will quickly spread to other apartments in the home, causing poor reviews, unhappy tenants, and other challenges. 

That’s why it’s important to respond quickly, and why it is especially important to have a number you can call to handle bedbugs thoroughly and professionally. 

Our Methods of Prevention

Canadian Bed Bugs has years of experience addressing bedbug problems. We provide comprehensive bed bug treatment options, including family-safe pesticides and target spotting to detect and get rid of the bed bugs throughout every inch of your property. 

We can also come in again to make sure all eggs were destroyed to prevent a future infestation, and in rare cases when a pesticide is insufficient, we also offer heat treatment to remove bed bugs as well that is 100% chemical free. 

Bedbugs are capable of hiding in even the smallest of cracks, which is why it is so important for bedbug treatment specialists to have a highly trained eye for bedbug hiding spots. That’s what makes us different than other bedbug extermination companies. 

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Bedbugs are always a problem, and apartment managers need to be able to address it as quickly as possible. For a no obligation quote for our services, please contact us today or fill out the form on our site to discuss options.

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